Maranatha Farm

No pet may be adopted as a gift for another person. You may purchase a gift certificate but the recipient must apply and qualify as an adopter. Adoption fee $75 for dogs and puppies includes shots given, microchip, 6-month supply of heartworm prevention and spay or neuter. Female puppies and kittens are spayed at 8-12 weeks of age and may be reserved but not taken until they have been spayed. Male puppies and kittens are given a neuter certificate to be used when 6-8 months old. We follow up to make certain this is done. We require puppies amd kittens receive an exam and the rest of their shots from your veterinarian. Adoption fee $25 for cats and kittens includes testing for FELK and HIV, shots given and spay or neuter. There is a mandatory 24-hour “cooling off” period for all adoptions. You must call us 24 hours after you apply, to activate your application. It will be discarded after 48 hours if not activated. All animals are unconditionally guaranteed for life and the adoption fee is fully refundable at any time upon return of the animal. We ask you to promise not to ever give the animal to anyone else. We really, really mean this. A home visit and good veterinarian’s reference is required. All cats and dogs already owned by the applicant or in the same household must be spayed or neutered. Because these rescued animals require a 10-15 year commitment, we usually do not adopt to the military, unmarried couples, illegal aliens or people under 21. All information you give will be verified. Discovery of any false information terminates the process. If you are a renter please verify that you have permission to own a pet before applying. Many landlords require pet deposits of $500 or more per animal.




Areas Maranatha Farm Serves

Mainly we adopt animals out to resident of Beaufort and Jasper Counties, SC, but adopters from other areas have been successful if they have a good reason for coming this far to find the animal they want. In such instances we have been known to call neighbors to ask their opinion of the potential adopter in addition to the usual veterinary reference check. The pre-approved adopter is then required to come to Ridgeland to meet the animal, and spend 24 hours "cooling off" before taking the animal home. WE DO NOT EVER SHIP ANIMALS.

Come Meet Maranatha Farm's Pets

We are open at the farm every Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5. That is the best place to see all the animals and see them in a "normal" setting. Take a chair under the trees next to the pond, and see who adopts you. Some Saturdays we are at Bluffton's PetCo store from 11 to 3.

About Maranatha Farm

We are an all-volunteer rescue group specializing in rescuing sick and injured homeless animals. We get them well, housetrain them, and find them loving Forever Homes.

Contact Karen Wilkins Phone 843-816-6676